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These are the latest available mortgage rates for home mortgage loans at financial institutions in the MLS coverage area. Most are based on a $100,000 mortgage and 10% down payment. These rates do not include closing costs such as title searches and appraisal fees with a 30-day rate lock period. BKFS (in our case, Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS) is not responsible for the accuracy of this information and the borrower should contact their own mortgage banker for the latest rates.


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Loan Type Rate Points APR Terms ARM Cap Yr ARM Cap Life Additional Information
30 - Year Fixed Conventional              
20 - Year Fixed Conventional              
15 - Year Fixed Conventional              
10 - Year Fixed Conventional              
5/1 Year ARM              
3/1 Year ARM              
7/1 Year ARM              
30 - Year FHA              
15 - Year FHA              
30 - Year VA              
15 - Year VA              


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